I agree completely. This episode was VERY heavy on the Destiel. Angsty Destiel, sure, but it was still them. Dean is a character who cares so deeply about a very small number of people. And right now I think he is having a hell of a time dealing with his conflicting feelings over everything Castiel did, how much he cares about Cas, and the fact that right now Cas isn't acting like the Cas Dean knows. We also had dialogue from him that spelled out completely that Dean feels guilty for his part in it, which was added to by what the angels said about Castiel being lost the moment he touched Dean. Dean is wrestling with so much right now, and yeah, he isn’t handling it in the best way, but he wouldn't be Dean if he was.

Then there was the whole Sorry scene which on the surface can seem like just a game. But Castiel was trying to say so much to Dean there without causing open conflict, because like he said, ‘I don't like conflict.’ This is a Castiel who is completely broken apart. Who isn't willing to fight. He outright said he isn't a fighter anymore. So in that scene, he was trying to tell Dean without getting angry that yeah, I'm sorry; but now it's your turn to say sorry too. His whole antidote about humanity and taking other people down to succeed (sorry, (I don't have the exact wording) was also I think very much directed toward Dean. He touched on the way Dean and Sam have used him in round about ways as well. This is a Cas who is using passive aggressive commentary and symbolism to emote, not yelling or crying or fighting.

As much as this episode gutted me, I think it HAD to be this way for both Dean and Castiel. They have to find their way back to where they were slowly, especially with Castiel in his current state of mind. I have confidence that we will eventually see that, especially with Edlund at the helm next season.
就像這集使我極度沮喪的程度一般,我想對於Dean和Castiel來說,他們之間的劇情就是必定要這麼進行下去。特別是在Castiel最近的心智狀態之下,他們必需找到屬於他們自己的,回到以前他們之間那種溫和而緩慢地理解彼此的相處方式。我相信我們終有一天能看到他們的進展,特別是Ben Edlund下一季還會加入主筆。

Destiel fans will just have to continue to be patient, as much as it hurts us to do so.





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